Richard Benaim

Jewellery Designer

richard benaim


1969 - Present

Jewellery Industry Experience

I have been in the jewellery industry since 1969, when I began working in a jewellery factory part-time while I was finishing school. During that period I learned different facets of jewellery making. While it was not my intent to stay in the jewellery business, somehow I still find myself in it.

Jewellery Design & Marketing

Over the years, I have worked for some of the largest jewellery companies in Canada, where I learned more about this fascinating industry. I became involved in not only the making, but in the design & marketing of different lines of jewellery.

The Shopping Networks

While employed by one company that was supplying most of the Shopping Networks in Canada & the US, I was always behind the scenes, working to create the products for the Networks. In 1998 I was put on air as a guest on the Nashville Home Shopping, and then in Canada on The Shopping Channel with my own shows. In 2008 I started to sell my own product on The Australian Shopping Network (TVSN), and began my own show, Richard Benaim Designer Jewelley Collection.



In 2002 I decided to start my own company, EuroJewels. This was made possible with the help of The Shopping Channel, who supported me by giving me my own show, and by putting me on their channel as one of their Jewellery Experts – not only representing myself, but also guesting other shows for other vendors.

Since then, I have created quite an extensive line of jewellery, with the mission to always stay ahead of the trends, both with designs, and by partnering with stone cutters and designers to come up with new cuts of gemstone.


Richard & Co.

In 2014 I opened a jewellery boutique, Richard and Co. in Hamilton, Ontario, where we offer a large selection of new, unique, and modern silver jewellery collections from Italy and China. We also design and create custom diamond jewellery in gold & platinum, and carry a variety of watch lines.

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