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Richard Benaim

I have been in the jewellery industry since 1969, when I started working in a jewellery factory part-time while I was finishing school. During that period I learned different facets of jewellery making. While it was not my intent to stay in the jewellery business, somehow I still find myself in it.


  • Custom Design
  • Jewellery Repair
  • Expert Watch Repairs
  • Jewellery Appraisals While You Watch
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Having your jewellery appraised is important!✨ Check out our updated website for appraisal advice and information!
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  • A qualified jewellery appraiser should provide you with a sense of trust, a high level of expertise and personal comfort.  Any pieces you select for appraisal, whether estate, antique, new or in between should be examined in your presence, with simple explanation concerning appraisal practices and systems.  Should you feel intimidated by the appraisal or the process?  Absolutely not.  Should you earn money?  Possibly, but that’s always up to you, dependent on the value determined and your wish to keep or sell any given item.  Should you have a clearer understanding of what you own, why it is or isn’t of value, and what you may choose to do with it?  Yes!  That’s the point of appraisal.  To empower you with specific knowledge so you can make informed choices.⠀
Steven Knight, GG, RMV, CJA-CAP, is a highly-regarded jewellery appraiser, known not only for his expert skills but as importantly, for his keen ability to make his customers feel at ease with the knowledge they’re receiving an honest, expert appraisal with full documentation, usually for the purpose of obtaining insurance to cover damage or loss.  The Jewellery Judge®, located in the heart of the charming Locke Street District in Hamilton, Ontario is the perfect choice when it comes to having your valued pieces appraised.
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Richard and Co is located on the “Jewellery Corner” in the heart of the charming Locke Street District.

163 Locke Street South.

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